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Tiberghien and Atlas join forces!

Tiberghien and Atlas have established an intensive cooperation under the name T/A international.

This true Benelux tax network has offices in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt and Luxembourg. With over 120 dedicated tax lawyers in three jurisdictions, we are able to provide our joint clients with adequate, swift and high quality integrated Benelux tax advice.

Despite operating as separate legal entities, Tiberghien and Atlas operate in all practical aspects as one firm. The combined size and its specific focus on the Benelux in international transactions, makes T/A international a unique combination which stands out as the Benelux tax firm.


WTS Global

Atlas is an exclusive member firm of WTS Global. With representation in over 100 countries, WTS Global is a leading global tax practice offering the full range of tax services. All member firms of WTS Global are carefully selected through stringent quality reviews, and are strong local players in their home markets.

WTS Global deliberately refrains from conducting annual audits in order to avoid any conflicts of interest and to be the long- term trusted advisor for its international clients. Clients of WTS Global include multinational companies, international mid-size companies as well as private clients and family offices.

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